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Hops in Beer Database

Name Where Typically Grown Bittering? Finishing? Aroma? Alpha Acid(%) Description
AmarilloUSAYesYesYes7 - 10Spicy hop with mild bitterness and a noble aroma. Good all around hop.
AthanumUSAYes-Yes5 - 6Floral, citrusy, and piney, similar to Cascade.
Brewer's GoldUKYes-Sometimes7 - 9Strong and pungent bittering hop developed from Bullion. Commonly used in English Ales.
BullionUSAYes-Sometimes7 - 12Has an aroma similar to black currant, as well as a spicy bitterness. Used in Stouts and other stronger flavored beers.
CascadeUSAYesSometimesYes5 - 8A strong piney, fragrant, floral, spicy, and citrusy (especially grapefruit) aroma. It is the Classic American Pale Ale Hop.
CentennialUSAYesSometimesYes9 - 12This hop has a clean aroma with floral notes, similar to Cascade, but stronger.
ChallengerUKYesYesYes6 - 9Some pine notes with spicy and fruity aromas. Good multi-purpose hop for aroma, bittering, or finishing. Blends well with other hops.
ChinookUSAYes-Yes10 - 12Piney and citrusy with notes of grapefruit and pineapple. Classic American Pale Ale hop.
ClusterUSAYes--6 - 9Lager hop. Very coarse, best if blended with more refined, aromatic varieties. Smooth with some floral components
ColumbusUSAYes-Sometimes14 - 18A strong American bittering hop with clean, refined perfume aroma. Also known as Tomahawk.
CrystalUSAYesYesYes3 - 6Mild hop with a fruity and floral aroma. A descendant of the German Hallertau hop.
EroicaUSAYes--9 - 14A strong but clean Amercian bittering hop. Similar to Horizon.
First GoldUK-SometimesYes6 - 9This hop has a spicy, fruity character with notes of orange peel and apricots.
FuggleUKYesYesYes4 - 5A mild hop with a soft fruity and woody aroma. Can be grassy or floral as well. Ideally a finishing hop for ales of all kinds. Also known as Fuggles.
GalenaUSAYes--12 - 14Primarily a bittering hop with a smooth bitterness. Originally developed from Brewer's Gold. Has a citrus character to it.
GoldingsUK-YesYes4 - 6Soft, earthy, rounded yet spicy aroma with some floral notes. A traditional British noble hop originally developed in 1790.
HallertauerGermanyYesSometimesYes3 - 6Classic German aroma hop, it has a pleasant mild, yet spicy flavor and aroma with some earthy notes.
Horizon-Yes--11 - 14A soft, clean bitterness. Originally derived from Nugget. Similar to Eroica.
LibertyUSAYes-Yes3 - 5American version of Hallertauer with a mild spicy and perfumey aroma
MagnumUSAYes-Yes12 - 17A strong high alpha acid bittering hop with spicey and citrusy aroma. Cultivated in the Northwest and of German descent. This hop is a cross between Galena and Hallertau.
Mount HoodUSA-SometimesYes4 - 8An aromatic hop derived from Hallertau with a clean but somewhat pungent and spicy aroma.
NorthdownUKYesSometimesYes8 - 10This hop has a middle of the road bitterness but retains a good flavor and aroma. It has a traditional English flavor.
Northern BrewerUSAYesYesYes8 - 10A strong bittering hop grown worldwide. A more bitter version of Hallertau but with a fine mellow aroma. Mainly used for bittering in combination with other hops. When used as a bittering hop it has a clean bittering affect.
NuggetUSAYesSometimesSometimes12 - 16An very pungent and spicy bittering hop with heavy herbal aromatics.
PerleGermanyYesSometimesSometimes6 - 9A slightly spicy bittering and finishing hop similar to Hallertauer although not as refined. A cross between Hallertau & Northern Brewer varieties.
Pride of RingwoodAustraliaYes-Sometimes7 - 10A clean bittering hop used primarily in Australian beers. With a subtle hint of citrus.
SaazCzechoslovakia-YesYes2 - 5The hop that defines a Pilsner. It has a mild and pleasant bite with a delicate floral aroma that is almost musty. Usually leaves a clean bitterness.
SimcoeUSAYesSometimesSometimes12 - 14A strong bittering hop with a woody and piney aroma with some citrus character. Similar to Cascade but more bitter.
SpaltGermany-YesYes3 - 5Medium strength German noble hop, but bigger than Hallertauer and similar also to Saaz.
SummitUSAYes--17 - 19A citrusy bittering hop with notes of orange, tangerine, and grapefruit.
TargetUKYesSometimesSometimes8 - 10A strong and spicy bittering hop that is aromatic and has some herbal notes.
TettnangerUSAYes-Yes6 - 3A classic German Noble hop, related to Saaz. A refined sweet and spicy aroma with a rich flowery fragrance.
TomahawkUSAYes-Sometimes14 - 18A strong American bittering hop with clean, refined perfume aroma. Also known as Columbus.
TraditionGermanySometimesYesYes5 - 7Very smooth and refined aroma which is similar to Hallertauer. Was originaly developed from Hallertauer.
VanguardUSA-YesYes5 - 6American developed version of Hallertau crossed with other hops. Primarily developed for aroma.
WarriorUSAYes-Yes15 - 17High alpha bittering hop with citrus and herb aroma.
WillameteUSAYes-Yes6 - 4A US variety of Fuggles that is stronger with a spicy, woody, and fragrant aroma and finish. Also spelled Williamette.
ZeusUSAYes-Sometimes14 - 15Aromatic and highly bitter hop. Very similar to Tomahawk and Columbus.

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