The Beer Tasting and Hop Appreciation Kit from

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Everything you need to:

- Gain an appreciation for how beer is made and how its flavors are crafted.

- Inspire your taste buds as you discover the complex subtleties of beer.

- Get the what you need to sense the hop flavors you've been missing.

- Learn the ins and outs of, how to properly serve beer to maximize flavor and aroma.

- Speak confidently about why beer tastes the way it does.

- Host one of several unique beer tastings for your friends.

- Help other people undestand what really good beer tastes like and get them hooked on quality brews.

Complete Beer Happiness Guaranteed

Since we are so sure you are going to enjoy your new Beer Tasting and Hop Appreciation Kit, we have no problem offering you a complete money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your kit for any reason we will give you a full refund.

Do you know which hops are in your favorite beer? Check out our Hop Database to find out now.

Need a little help describing the different flavors in beer? Check out our useful Beer Terms Database.

What is included?

13 Different Hop Varieties

    - Now for beer tasting in stereo! We have selected thirteen commonly used hops to get your nose and taste buds in gear for some serious beer tasting.

Access to our Hop Database

    - When you want to know which hops are used in your beer, this point and click database will either confirm or deny what your senses are telling you. This one of a kind tool lists different commercial beers and which hops are found in them.

Access to our Terms Database

    - Occasionally you can't find the precise word you want to describe what you are tasting. Fortunately, this time you have an online friend! This searchable listing of common terms used to describe beer will give you plenty of ways to describe that wonderful brew in your hand.

 Aroma Palate cleanser

    -Use this cleanser to clear your nose and palate so you can distinguish the different hops and they don't smell and taste alike.

Quick Start Guide (for the impatient)

    - Like a kid on Christmas morning, you don't want to read all the instructions before you get started. This helpful guide gets you going within minutes. Plus, it also serves as a quick reference so you don't always have to go to the guide or online to find what you are looking for.

Beer Color Swatch

    - Since beer isn't just brown, yellow, or black you will get a swatch with 12 different colors to show you the true shades of beer. This makes comparing and rating beers easier as you will have a common reference point from one beer to the next.

Hop Cheat Sheet

    - As you go hop to hop and try to figure out what is what, this handy chart tells you about each hop in your kit. Located right under the top flap of the box for quick access, you are never without the information you need.

Beer Appreciation Guide

All of your questions will need answering as you hunt for the perfect beer. This will be your new tour guide in the world of beer. Some of the information found in the guide includes:

    - A summary on the history of beer

    - Hops, their complexities and the different ways they are used in beer

    - Malts and adjuncts used in beer

    - How to properly serve beer to maximize its potential

    - How to really taste your beer for the first time all over again

    - How to use the hops to appreciate your beer and train your palate

    - How to hold one of several different types of beer tastings

If you have any questions at all, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.


Don't Just Drink Your Beer, TASTE YOUR BEER!